Electric Interior Blinds

Motorised or Electric Blinds were once only for the rich and famous, huge homes with sweeping staircases and a Ferrari or two parked outside!

Not any more, over the last few years electric blinds have become more and more affordable and have now become a standard installation into many new homes. We all have computers, tablets and smart phones that help to run our lives, our homes are full of labour saving devices and gadgets and electric blinds are just the latest addition.

What ever your style, taste or requirements most blinds can be motorised. Roller, Venetian and Pleated, aside from these standard products there are also a number of specialist electric blinds such as full cassette black out blinds which are absolutely fantastic in any bedroom or home cinema, also blinds specifically for roof lanterns and skylights.

Now at Deans of London we can give you the very best advice to help with your choice of electric blind, we offer a full FREE measuring service where we will pop out with some samples to show you in your own home, we can then advise on what type of blind would be best suitable and the best way of controlling the blind, some may want a remote control handset, some may want a fixed wall switch or sometimes these need to be controlled by a home automation system. Either way Deans have a wealth of experience to make sure your expectations are not only met but exceeded.

So when to contact us? Contact us as soon as possible especially if you have building work about to start or in progress, we will liaise with builders, architects and electricians explain what wiring is required and where it needs installing this will ensure a nice neat finish at the end of your project. Click here to go to our contact page or call on 020-8947-8931

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